HLR Air Filtration

Style guide and design work for enVerid Systems
Style guide design
Style guide example
Logo brand style guide design

Style guide development

Icon library design

Icon library creation

Data sheet design
Company overview design
Data sheet design

Template setup and document layout

The Work

enVerid Systems required an updated corporate image along with a style guide to establish brand rules for communication materials about their HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) technology.
Booth design example
Booth design example

Event graphics

Business card design sample
Business card design sample

Stationery design

Data sheet design example

Data sheet design

Logo Refinement

Part of this process was to refine the company logo. The challenge was that it was already featured on their product units worldwide, so to re-design and replace it would be costly and complicated.

Original logo – containing too many colours and blends

New logo – cleaner design for reproduction accuracy

Sticker design

New vinyl label applied to HLR metal housing

Future Imaging

The Results

With a new visual identity and style guide, enVerid can now:
Send a clear no-nonsense document to future contributors such as web designers and video producers. This avoids confusion up-front about how the company should be represented visually and ensures that their style and usage rules are maintained.

Provide their sales team with better assets to market with, such as case studies and white papers.

Print their brand with confidence and reproduce accurately with Pantone references and a tint guide attributed to both the colour and reverse versions of the logo.
enVerid continually hires Future Imaging to design marketing collateral in the new style established, such as the examples shown in this case study.