Alex Furness – Track Record

In Business

x11 Years

Future Imaging was launched in June 2009 when I lived abroad in Montreal, Canada.

I moved the business back to the UK in 2011 and have worked with teams in the US and UK continually since then.

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Startup Launches

x3 Own Ventures

2020: Project Codename - FinContext
Currently in stealth.

Conceptualisation and development of Currently has x762 charity partners fundraising resulting in a high-volume of micro-transactions running through the platform. Future Imaging supports the venture financially and with design resources.

Back when RSS feeds were all the rage and computers took their sweet time, I developed an app that presented the latest news while the loading bar progressed.


x4 Customers

Four customers that I have worked extensively with have been acquired. This demonstrates my ability to help shape visual identities in the crucial early stages.

• Edgewise by Zscaler
• Recorded Future by Insight Partners
• ThreatGRID by Cisco
• Dynatrace by Compuware

Venture Assists

x2 Risk Involvement

2010: Clean Energy Startup
Produced branding and video animation to visualise gamified system. Led to pilot investment.

2006: Panaxion
Produced branding and literature for high-tech paint invention which helped communicate the patented concept. Led to investment and partnership pitches.