Alex Furness

Alex Furness – Owner

Future Imaging is the work of Alex Furness

I operate under the company name Future Imaging. When instructing my firm you are receiving my design skills and experience.

I rely on a handful of trusted contractors, to help mainly with production.

You are hiring a trusted creative pro serving specific industries:

• Tech
• Startups
• Cyber security
• Threat intelligence
• Information security
• Network security
• Application performance

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Track Record
In business for x11 years. Startups, acquisitions, venture assists.

Read what the likes of Recorded Future, Dynatrace and Edgewise have to say.

Customers and brands I have worked on.

List of design services that I offer.

Boston Connection
I have worked extensively with 8 companies in the Boston area.


Prior to starting Future Imaging I worked in various ad agencies and publishing companies, working on materials for brands that include:

• Fujifilm
• Sunseeker
• Kyocera

Brand Ethics

Future Imaging stands for what it says – visual work that is ahead of its time.

Design work undertaken has one primary objective – to best present your technology and stand out above the noise.

You can expect us to be professional and creative whilst not being precious about the work produced.

Company Registration

Future Imaging Design Ltd. is registered in England and Wales company number 05601197.

Future Imaging is registered with the ICO.

Supporting Charities

Future Imaging supports over 700 charities worldwide through its own innovative donations lieu of cards platform.

The initiative has been built as a collaboration of web designers and developers. If it wasn't for progressing our idea charities would not have received these funds.